If you're a broadband customer, you'll need a passcode to access our free Wifi and it will last three months. Just pop in your account number and line number below and we'll email you a unique code. Hang onto it because you'll need it to jump onto WiFi. When three months is up, head online to get a new code - and you're good to go for round two, or three, or four...


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Enter your details

If your broadband comes with a landline, please enter that number as your home phone/line number. If you have a Naked broadband plan, this is the line number which can be found on your bill alongside your broadband plan (starting with "08" for most customers, or "016" if you have Fibre Broadband, or "027" if you have Wireless Broadband). Need more tips on finding your account and line numbers? Click here for help.


How does it work for Broadband?

Fill out the form above and we'll email you a passcode - keep this handy.

Find a WiFi Zone

Head to one of our 1000+ Wifi hotspots.

Choose WiFi

Go to "Wifi Settings" on your device and connect to "Spark Wifi".

Sign In

Open your browser, then tap "Connect" and "I'm a Broadband Customer".

Enter your Passcode

Enter your passcode and tap "Connect"! You're good to go!