Here you can request to add Call Diversion to your existing Spark phone number.

Call Diversion may be an option by itself or might be part of a pack. Please see Call Diversion for more information.

Account Information

Your account number is the 9 digit number typically found in the top right-hand corner of your Spark Bill or in MySpark. If you need help finding it, please see Where Can I Find My Account Number?

Some Spark customers setup an Account password that must be provided before any changes can be made.
Note: This is not your MySpark or Xtra email password. Please do not supply those passwords.

If you know your account password, please enter this below.

Contact Information

Add Call Diversion

For information about Call Diversion see Call Diversion.

Terms and conditions

This request is subject to Spark's Standard Terms and Conditions.

Spark requires 30 days notice of cancellation of a Smartphone service. This means the usual charges will continue to apply for 30 days after the date you cancel your service, even if it is disconnected within that period. Where you have agreed to take a Smartphone service for a minimum period, charges for this service will continue to apply until the end of that period.

Please note that in some cases this service may not be available or is limited due to network constraints and incompatibility with other products and services.