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Ultra Fast FibreMAX Offer Summary

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Service overview

This plan is no longer available for new customers. Please see Unplan

Service description

Ultra Fast FibreMAX is the fastest broadband service for residential customers.

It connects your home to our network via a fibre optic connection to your house. That means the throughput on your connection is higher and more consistent than traditional copper broadband. And that means you'll get faster speeds.

Ultra Fast FibreMAX runs on the Ultra Fast Broadband network, providing speeds of between 700Mbps and 900Mbps download/400Mbps upload in optimal conditions (to understand more about optimal conditions, please go here).

We have two Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband packages:

Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband and home phone
This option comes with a landline and a phone number as well as your broadband. The landline connects you to the public phone network so you can make local, national, international and mobile calls from your home phone. Your home phone service runs on our fibre network.

Naked Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband
This is broadband only. You don't get a landline or phone number.


Ultra Fast FibreMAX may be offered in areas where the Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) network is available. Take a look at the address checker to see if Ultra Fibre® is offered at your place.

Service Charges

Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband and home phone

This package comes with a Fibre landline. Local calls are free.

Monthly data allowance


Unlimited Data $149.99 /month

Naked Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband

Broadband without a landline.

Monthly data allowance


Unlimited Data $139.99 /month

All of the Ultra Fibre® plans also come with:

1. Lightbox on us - Online TV for the whole family

2. Spark Security Suite - 5 free McAfee Security licenses for all broadband customers

3. Email - Free premium email service

4. 24/7 Help and Support - over the phone and online, including a live webchat service

5. Lots more benefits for Spark customers including Spark Music and Free Public WiFi - see for details

Additional Data Charges

Customers on an Unlimited Data plan don't need to worry about reaching their monthly data cap.

Set Up Charges

You'll get a free standard connection and a modem on a 12 month contract.
Take an Open Term contract and pay a $299 connection fee (including a modem)

Note that a modem postage and handling fee of $14.95 applies to all new modems supplied.

Access Type

For more information about access types, click here.
For more information about broadband speeds and performance, click here.

Other Information

Minimum Contract Period

You have 2 contract options:

1. Open term (you can cancel the service any time)

2. 12 month contract

Early Termination Fee

If you're on a 24 month contract or a 12 month contract, you'll need to pay a fee of $199 if you cancel the contract early.

There's no cancellation fee if you take the open term contract.

Notice Period

If you want to cancel your broadband service, you'll need to give us 30 days notice.

Other Requirements


Traffic Management

We don't place any artificial speed restrictions on our broadband plans. This means that you will receive the best speed we can provide at any point in time. In the future we may have to amend this policy to ensure we continue to provide our customers the best possible experience on our network. If we make any changes to this policy which will have a material impact on you we will let you know.

Fair Use

We don't run a Fair Use Policy on any of our Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband plans.

Effects On Other Services

Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband and Home Phone

Your broadband service requires mains power to operate. If power is not available (e.g. during an outage), your broadband, Fibre landline and any services which run over it, may stop working.

Your Fibre Landline will also stop working if there is a problem with your broadband service. This would prevent you from making calls to emergency services.

You should check with the provider of existing services such as some medical alerts, monitored home alarms, and interactive features of SKY TV to make sure they will work with this service.

Naked Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband

This service does not come with a phone line. This means that services that use a landline phone line, such as some medical alerts, monitored home alarms, faxes, the interactive features of SKY digital or PABXs are incompatible with Naked Broadband.

Other Charges

Ultra Fast FibreMAX Broadband and home phone packages also come with a landline. Your local calls are free. We do charge for national, international and mobile calls, but have a range of calling plans to suit most people.

As Naked Ultra Fast FibreMAX® Broadband doesn't have a landline there are no additional calling charges.

In some cases additional install charges might apply. Typically, this happens if your house is more than 200m from the road, or if we need to put some new wiring in your house.

See Broadband terms and conditions on our website for more details on this.


Spark is a member of the Telecommunication Dispute Resolution Scheme.

All prices include GST.

This document is only a summary. If you'd like the full detail, our website has the legal broadband terms and conditions.

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